How Much Does Home Care Cost in Alberta?

How Much Does Home Care Cost in AlbertaWhether you want to remain in your own home or move into a residential care home or nursing facility, many elderly people need assistance as they are unable to manage on their own.

However, some families may be put off from hiring home care due to concerns about affordability.

The good news is that you can hire carers to visit and look after your loved one at very affordable rates.

If your loved one is over 65 and has an unmet need for care, you may even be able to get help with the costs from Alberta Health Services if they qualify for home care.

So, how much does home care cost in Alberta?

Hourly costs of home care

All About Seniors provides a full range of professional home care services around Calgary. The rates depend on the type of care and the level of medical expertise required.

Following are the current hourly rates for home care for our services:

Companion Service

$3250 + GSThourly

Health Care Aide

$3500 + GSThourly

Licensed Practical Nurse

$4750 + GSThourly

Registered Nurse

$6250 + GSThourly

All of the above services have a two-hour minimum charge.

We also offer Footcare services for $70.00 + GST per hour (one-hour minimum).

What senior home care services does All About Seniors provide?

  • Personal Care: we can help elderly people with their regular daily routines like using the toilet, as well as dressing, bathing, and grooming.

  • Companionship: we can engage meaningfully with your loved one and build a relationship. Friendly faces are important for the wellbeing and comfort of people in-home care situations.

  • Palliative Care: we ensure that patients reaching the end of their lives receive the best quality of life possible and provide full support and comfort to those saying goodbye.

  • Foot Care: your feet are important when you age. If there are feet problems, mobility becomes an issue and this can lead to other problems. We help to keep patients as active as possible.

  • Medication Assistance: managing medication can be challenging and mistakes can have serious consequences. We’ll ensure that your loved one gets the right medicine at the right time.

  • Dementia Care: dementia patients have special requirements that we understand and have experience in providing. We’ll support the patient and the family with specialized dementia care.

  • Fall Prevention: falls for elderly people can be very serious and easily lead to injury and complications. We recommend changes around the home to prevent falls from happening.

  • Stocking Assistance: changing compression stockings is not easy unless you have the technique and the strength to do it. We can provide specialist help with this.

  • Meal Preparation: We’ll help ensure that your loved one is eating the right foods at the right time to maintain health, strength, and wellbeing.

  • Light Housekeeping: many simple household chores become impossible without assistance. We can help with dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc.

  • Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy: we can refer you to qualified local occupational therapists and physiotherapists to ensure your loved one is getting the help they need.

Why choose home care over a nursing home?

Familiar surroundings are important for elderly people.

That’s the principal reason why many people choose home care over moving into a nursing home.

The transition to a nursing home usually takes some time to adjust to. A good alternative is often for a carer to visit in-home and provide as much assistance as is needed while it remains possible for your loved one to remain in their own home.

Home care also allows families to keep the costs of care manageable.

Get the home care services you need

Our experienced and professional carers are available for every senior home care need you may have in Calgary.

If you are outside Calgary, in the surrounding area, our caregivers can travel to Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, DeWinton, Chestermere, Strathmore, Langley, Bearspaw, and Crossfield.

We don’t believe in simply providing a “warm body” for your loved one so that they “have someone there”.

They need and deserve more than that.

So, we take our time to match personalities: the right caregiver is matched with your loved one to ensure that they share common interests.

You, as the family, will receive a report within 24-48 hours of our visit, sharing what we talked about, how your loved one was feeling, what they ate, and their general state of wellbeing.

Contact us today. We’re happy to answer all your questions!