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Senior Care Facility Clients
All About Seniors exists to help families provide thoughtful Home Care and Companionship for seniors.
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Personalized Service

One size doesn’t fit all. From our in-depth family/guardian  intake process, to matching clients with the appropriate caregiver, we personalize our services to meet the needs of our clients and their loved ones.

Continuity of Care

At All About Seniors, you and your loved one can count on the continuity of our services. We pride ourselves on having the same caregiver working with our clients. We create meaningful relationships and strive to enrich the lives of our clients by understanding and honoring who they are.

Registered Nurse 24/7

At all times, our Home Care clients are assisted with their medical concerns. Our caregivers are supported by a Registered Nurse who is on call 24/7 to deal with requests, big or small.


Calgary Companionship for Seniors Living in Facility
Our caregivers at All About Seniors provide exceptional companionship services for seniors living in a facility in Calgary. We pay specific attention to clients who live in senior or elder care facilities in the following ways:

General Assistance:

Despite their best intentions, many assisted living facility staff do not have the time or resources required to provide individual attention to each and every resident as needed. Our staff members strive to give that extra one-on-one attention. We are 100% focused on our one-on-one approach to ensuring our clients feel loved and respected.

Facility Status Updates:

Our staff develop authentic relationships with their clients and come to understand their feelings about many situations. As professionals who spend time in a variety of elder care facilities, we can provide insight into what complaints are normal and what can or should be improved. We are advocates to help clients and facilities work better together in the event there is an incident or misunderstanding.


Outings are important for stimulating the mind, body, and spirit and are developed to compliment the activities already offered by the client’s facility.

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