Our caregivers are ready to serve your loved ones by taking extra precautions during the COVID-19 outbreak

During this unprecedented time, All About Seniors remains committed to keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, as well as our employees. Aged care is our specialty. As such, our staff members have been fully briefed on the extra risks posed to seniors during the spread of COVID-19 around the world.

All caregivers have been forwarded the safety information provided by the government. We are following advice from the Alberta Health Services for employees returning to Canada to self-isolate and, of course, anyone who exhibits symptoms associated with COVID-19 will receive medical attention and self-isolate.

Staff members are asked to wash their hands immediately at the entry to the environment and regularly during their stay. As additional precaution measures, we are also screening our caregivers frequently. If they are ill in any way, they are asked to immediately remain at home. We may then need to send a replacement caregiver for the visit but that the visit will happen.

If you have any questions about receiving services from All About Seniors during this time, please call (403)-730-4070 and discuss with one of our representatives or email us at office@allaboutseniors.ca.

Stay safe and well during this difficult time for everyone. Rest assured that we will do our best to help the Calgary community come through it.

Home Care Services for Seniors During COVID-19

Home Care Services for Seniors During COVID-19These are unprecedented times in the world.

With the COVID-19 virus officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, many Canadians will be wondering what they can do to protect their families.

At this time, more than ever, we need to be attentive to the needs of senior members of the family.

Seniors are the most vulnerable amongst us – even more so with the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

More people are working from home so there may be more free time to check on loved ones for some. However, with children off school and needing parenting, finding adequate time to do extra chores for senior members of the family can still be difficult for many families.

The team at All About Seniors is here to assist.

Nobody yet knows the extent to which the virus will affect Calgary residents, but we should prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

We’ve compiled some information to help prepare you and your loved ones for COVID-19 so that you can avoid its most severe impacts.

Who is at highest risk?

Elderly people (over 65) and those with an underlying health condition or compromised immune systems are the ones most at risk of COVID-19. This is especially the case for those with:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disease (e.g. asthma or COPD)
  • Pregnant women and those with HIV are also in the higher-risk bracket.

Healthy adults have a stronger immune system and may show only limited symptoms. However, it is important to still seek medical attention if you experience fever, a cough, and shortness of breath. Please call Health Link at 811 as soon as you are experiencing these symptoms.

These symptoms generally appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus.

Taking the right approach if you experience symptoms can help you avoid spreading it to others who are less able to fight the disease.

At this time, the elderly and sick must be the priority of everyone in society.

How All About Seniors can help during COVID-19

The All About Seniors caregivers remain committed to providing the vital services that your elderly loved ones need.

At this time, many seniors will be spending much more time at home than usual. They may need more help with day-to-day tasks like meal preparation and shopping, as well as healthcare.

We are ready to step in at short notice, if required.

Taking every precaution possible to follow Health Service advice, we can still serve the many seniors who rely on us for assistance in their place of residence.

What home help is available for the elderly?

We are still providing the following home care help:

  • Personal care
  • Companionship

  • Palliative care

  • Foot care

  • Medication assistance

  • Dementia care

  • Fall prevention

  • Dressing & bathing

  • Stocking assistance

  • Meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

These services are available in Calgary and the surrounding area, including Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie, DeWinton, Chestermere, Strathmore, Langley, Bearspaw and Crossfield.

Please note that our staff can only enter places that still allow visitation and entry.

How to prepare a safe and stress-free environment for elderly loved ones

At this difficult time, many seniors are fearful and anxious about what’s around the corner.

Simply letting them know you are there will be a big help to their mental state.

Our caregivers can help you provide the care and assistance your loved one needs and we are available to help you maintain a safe environment around the home for your loved ones.

While social distancing is important to halt the spread of the virus, it is vital that seniors do know that people are there for them if they need it.

If our caregivers spend companionship time with your loved one, they will maintain good hand hygiene and follow the required social distance measures during their visit.

The family will receive a report within 24-48 hours of the visit, sharing what was discussed, how they were feeling, what they ate, and their general well-being.

A note about shopping

At this time, everyone must do their bit.

We’ve all heard about people stockpiling essential goods. People who panic buy may be depriving elderly people of provisions that they really need.

It’s good to see that some grocery stores are offering senior shopping hours early in the day before the store officially opens.

Elderly shoppers can visit the store at the designated times safely in the knowledge that they can do their shopping and get vital supplies without the shelves being empty.

Only those with a government-issued pensioner or senior card can enter the store.

This is happening around the world, including Canada.

Stores in Calgary like Shoppers Drug Mart, Superstore, Sobeys and others have announced to dedicate the first hours to “senior shopping hour”.

Check on elderly loved ones, neighbours, and yourself!

Now is a good time to check whether the elderly loved ones or neighbours need anything.

While we need to limit unnecessary contact for the time being, many seniors have email and others are just a phone call away.

You can also check up on your loved ones and communicate through a door or window to visually see the seniors and ensure they have everything need.

Reach out to them to see if they need shopping done or whether they need assistance with any health matters. Let them know you are there.

Also, look after yourself! Follow the public health guidelines to be prepared and to limit the spread of the virus. This is the most important thing you can do to help keep you and loved ones safe.

We are all in this together.

If we support the local community and take care of the people most at risk and least able to fight the virus, we will make it through this period of uncertainty.

Contact us today. We’re happy to answer all your questions!