Crossfield Elder CarePersonalized Service

We don’t practice a one-size-fits-all approach. With our comprehensive family/guardian intake process and matching of consumers with the most suitable caregiver based on their needs, we tailor our services to match each client’s unique requirements.

Home Care CrossfieldContinuity of Care

Your loved one can rely on a constant level of care from beginning to end with All About Seniors. We strive to develop genuine connections with our customers and help them live better lives by recognizing and respecting their individuality.

Crossfield Registered NurseRegistered Nurse 24/7

We take great pride in the fact that we make certain that all of our Crossfield Home Care customers are fully cared for at all times. A Registered Nurse is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any questions or concerns they may have.

Companion Care for Seniors Living in Facility

Elderly companion Calgary

Our elderly companion service in Calgary focuses on providing people with the emotional support and friendship they need.

We aim to improve your quality of life through this support and companionship, while also ensuring they maintain their independence.

Our care plans can be tailored to the individual, featuring any additional help they may require.

This includes daily chores, reminders about medication, grocery shopping, and more.

While elderly companionship tends to focus on those living in their own home, in-facility companion care is also available.

This ensures seniors to retain their link with society while receiving assistance in the aspects of their day-to-day life that they may find too difficult – and all with a new friend by their side.

What Sets All About Seniors Apart?

Here at All About Seniors, we go above and beyond to offer the level of caregiving our seniors and their families expect.

This means our plans are put together on a case-by-case basis, so they’re fully adapted to each individual’s unique needs.

Plus, we always ensure family members and loved ones are updated every step of the way.

Furthermore, to ensure our companion care isn’t just about caregiving, we match each senior with the staff member that we believe they’ll forge a strong, heartfelt relationship with.

We have witnessed that quality companionship gives our seniors something to look forward to.

They enjoy our staff visits and they enjoy having someone they can talk to and rely on.  

Some of the services included are:

Request a Consultation

Receive a free consultation to discuss your case.

We value your privacy, all information is kept strictly confidential.

  • Assistance with laundry

  • Medication reminders

  • Pet care

  • Running errands together

  • Meal preparation

  • Personal care

  • Daily check-ins

  • Friendly catch ups

  • Exercising

  • Light housekeeping

  • Entertainment

Whether you live on your own or in a care facility, our companionship care will give you the quality of life, comfort, and interaction you want, need and deserve.

Our Senior Companion Services

  • General Assistance

    Despite their best intentions, many assisted living facility staff do not have the time or resources required to provide individual attention to each and every resident as needed.

    Our staff members strive to give that extra one-on-one attention. We are 100% focused on our one-on-one approach to ensuring our clients feel loved and respected.

  • Facility Status Updates

    Our staff develop authentic relationships with their clients and come to understand their feelings about many situations.

    As professionals who spend time in a variety of elder care facilities, we can provide insight into what complaints are normal and what can or should be improved.

    We are advocates to help clients and facilities work better together in the event there is an incident or misunderstanding.

  • Outings

    Outings are important for stimulating the mind, body, and spirit and are developed to complement the activities already offered by the client’s facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

All seniors, no matter how independent, can benefit from companionship. On a physical basis, it offers you the help you may need with those things you no longer find easy to do. On a social level, it provides you with the connection you need in the outside world.

And on an emotional level, it gives you someone you can confide in and rely on. For example, you may only need a little help with your housework and a weekly chat with our caregiver.

Or, you may need help keeping on top of your errands and appointments while you’re living in a care home.

It’s imperative you feel confident in the care provider you’re about to hire, which is why you’ll want to ask some of the following questions:

  1. Will the provider conduct a home safety evaluation?
  2. Does the employee have specialist skills or certificates, e.g. nutrition or dementia care?
  3. Is the service available 24/7?
  4. Are background checks performed on all staff members?
  5. Does the family receive regular updates?
  6. Will the same caregiver visit every day?
  7. Is the agency highly recommended? And can you see some professional recommendations?
  8. How is the caregiver supervised?

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