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Our Approach

Meaningful matches

All About Seniors’ success lies in the quality of the people we employ and our ability to create meaningful matches between our staff and our clients. We specialize in developing relationships that improve the quality of life for everyone – clients, their families, and our staff members. It is our intention to provide continuity of care so that we can develop trust and accountability.

To accomplish this, we conduct in-depth interviews to develop detailed client profiles before selecting which of our staff members will provide the most meaningful match. The process includes meetings with the client and his or her guardian(s) to fully understand the following:

All About Seniors makes every effort to provide continuity of care by pairing each client with a compatible companion. We want to be the welcomed friend focused on compassion and sincere interest in those we have the privilege of serving.
However, changes or adjustments can always be made, at any time, if the client wishes it. We’re here to make them as happy as possible.

Visit-by-Visit Reporting

After each visit, our staff complete a report outlining their experience with the client. We share each report with those we are accountable to. Our goal is to give peace of mind and reassurance to those responsible for the seniors we serve. 

Visit reports may include: